Padauk is harvested in forests in the central region of Cameroon. The tree reaches a maximum height of 40 m and achieves a trunk diameter of up to 1.1 m. The trunk is straight and cylindrical and has root flares.

Freshly sawn padauk has an attractive coral red colour. The grain is straight, but is sometimes interlocked. Exposure to light rapidly discolours the heartwood, which takes on a black brown colour. The wood has a medium coarse to coarse texture. Padauk is easy to machine. Pre-drilling is necessary; surface treatment is difficult due to the presence of resin in this wood. Padauk does not take long to dry. Generally, there is a possibility of fine cracks.


Padauk is preferably used for manufacturing interior and exterior façades as well as door and window frames. This high-quality wood is also suitable for manufacturing furniture, stairs and parquet floors.