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Experts in wood Products 

Who Are We?

Experts in Wood Products

Ewen International is an export- oriented company dealing in Hardwood/softwood  lumber and other wood products . While we do not own some  of the forests, industry or equipments, we manage the entire trade process from harvest to end-user supply, buying directly from our suppliers, Transforming and selling directly to the end-users.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient Wood supply, without compromising on quality.

Core Values

  • Fulfilling our mission calls for professional knowledge, skills and experience with everything in the process
  • We strive to utilize our unique value through long-lasting loyal partnerships with both customers and suppliers.
  • We, as suppliers , connect the forest to the world’s need for wood and wood products ,we adapt to the situations in the market.

Why choose us ?

We are experts in wood products .

We show you our appreciation, with a wide range of suppliers and customers all over the world, we ensure that all your requests are met directly in the forest. We, thereby optimize the value for both suppliers and customers to make sure that our products are sold in high demand markets. This is our way of ensuring stable economic sustainability. We can be your top choice today!

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