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Ewen International is the leading supplier of forestry products dealing in logs, lumber and other products from Africa ,North America,Europe and Asia forests.While we do not own any of the forests,industry or equipment,we manage the entire trade process from harvest to end-user supply, buying directly from our suppliers, Transforming and selling directly to the end-users.

We're committed to Sustainability and re-afforestation

At Ewen International , Apart from acquiring permits for each tree fell, we are equally engaged in re-forestation. Together with our local communities .

How can logging then be sustainable when, by definition, it requires trees to be cut down? The complete answer is complex, but if we had to reduce it to one word, it would be “balance.” The hallmark of sustainable forestry, from a purely ecological perspective, is the extent to which forestry practices mimic natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration. Sustainable forestry balances the needs of the environment, wildlife, and forest communities — supporting decent incomes while conserving our forests for future generations.

There are many practical steps that a community or business can take to protect the health and longevity of a forest while still profiting from the production and sale of timber.

And this is exactly how we work at Ewen International . We supply to a variety of markets with logs and timber responsibly sourced for sustainability, achieving up to 15 (out of 19) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with endurance of full traceability. We have rigorous demands for legal sourcing in our supply chains and forest operations in compliance with EUTR requirements.

The variable interests that are tied to the forests, Which Ewen International  encourage all it partners to follow which  has entailed a need to secure a sustainable forest management system through voluntary PEFC certification. With FSC, PEFC certification the forest owners say “yes” to manage their forest according to the guidelines described in “FSC, PEFC ” and the forest owners must formulate a policy and a goal for sustainable forestry.

We hereby secure that  Ewen International  continues to play an active role in securing sustainable forest products from around the globe and Cameroon in particular.

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We show you our appreciation, with a wide range of suppliers and customers all over the world, we ensure that all your  requests are met directly in the forest. We, thereby optimize the value for both suppliers and customers to make sure that our products are sold in high demand markets. This is our way of ensuring stable economic sustainability. We can be your top choice today!


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